La Familia Soriano

Joan Soriano has played with the biggest names in bachata and mesmerized audiences across the world, but he owes his precocious talent to an exceptionally musical family. This album, a landmark collaboration with his two sisters and brother, captures the intimacy and playfulness of their upbringing in the hills of Monte Plata, where the young Sorianos learned to dance to the rhythm of bachata in their mother’s arms.


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Martin February 17, 2012

Hi Ben,
what's the difference between "Bachata Breakdown" and "Bachata Breakdown EnVivo"?
B.t.w., I was at Joans concert in Haarlem - really great!
Best regards,

DJ Glez February 16, 2012

Can't wait!

Benjamin De Menil February 4, 2012

The album will be released April 10. After April 10 you'll be able to find it on, iTunes, and in independent record shops

Steve Paddock February 2, 2012

Great music, Where can I buy?