Me decidi

Amargue, the bitter-sweet language of bachata, permeates this album of love and loss. Joan Soriano’s roots bachata band includes his sister Griselda, brother Fernando, and a new sister in music, André Velóz.

With “Me decidí” [I have decided], Joan Soriano continues his tradition of combining old school bachata with modern. Steel string mambos punctuate swinging bass lines and syncopated percussion riffs. “Me decidí” rocks dance floor bachata and soothes with tropical feeling.

"Me decidí" was recorded live in New York’ Studio One East and Santo Domingo’s Studio Terranota. The organic musicality of a live band performing together is a signature of iASO Records’ productions.


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iASO Records June 17, 2016

Hi Gavin, the music should be available on iTunes and Amazon in Australia. Please post again if you continue having issues.

Gavin February 24, 2016

Any chance you could make your albums available for sale on the bandcamp platform or cdbaby? In Australia the only option is iTunes and the price is always twice as expensive as Amazon etc?

iASO Records December 10, 2015

The CD is available now

lazaro silva October 22, 2015

Please call me 00393408529040

jack chisholm September 30, 2015

No CD yet ? I would rather have the disc than MP3 s.