La Familia Soriano

Joan Soriano ha tocado con los nombres más famosos de la bachata y cautivado audiencias por todo el mundo. Sin embargo, debe su talento precoz a una familia excepcionalmente musical. Esta colaboración con su hermano, y dos hermanas, forma un álbum que captura la intimidad y alegría de su juventud en la región montañosa de Monte Plata, donde los Sorianos aprendieron a bailar al ritmo de bachata en los brazos de su madre.


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Únete a la discusión

Gabriel Ortega February 6, 2017

Hello! I am a DJ that is desperately looking for Bachata on vinyl records. If anyone knows where I can find some please contact me. my email is novadisco at gmail com THANK YOU!!

Daniel Chvatik July 22, 2015

Great music, really started falling in love with it

Salud Almaguel/La Salsera de Oroville November 26, 2012

I agree with Denis. Joan and the whole family are just fantastic. I can't wait to see them again. Joan has a beautiful smile. And his guitar playing is terrific, thank you Joan for singing my song, El Ultimo Llanto. See ya later. Chao. Salud Almaguel/La Salsera

Denis November 25, 2012

I have been listening to this album for 2 months and i can't get enough of it. Joan is el Duque. Period.

Chris De Groof May 28, 2012

Only into Batchata Music for 5 months, me and my wife loved the performance of Joan and the complete band at Kalmthout - Belgium.
We keep following you... Great show, great performance.
Love the new album.
Thank you, Chris & Martine...

Salud Almaguel/Interpretaciones/Promociones Unica April 24, 2012

Hi Ben, Salud here. Long time no see. Although, Heidi and I plan to go see you guys in San Francisco. I am trying to do the next fundraiser after your date in S.F. Let the group know that we miss them. I also need to know in advance price of tickets. I apologize for not calling sooner, but with this new office, and so much paper work to get the radio going has been time consuming. Bless you guys, God willing, I will be seeing you soon. Chao.
Salud (La Salsera)

Benjamin De Menil April 16, 2012

Two syllables: Yo - An or Jo - An - either works

Linda Yohn April 12, 2012

For proper radio programming purposes, could you tell me how to pronounce Joan's first name? Thank you!

Blue Jayy April 11, 2012

Can You Guys Make More Songs Playable Please And Thank You

Benjamin De Menil February 19, 2012

Hi Martin, Bachata Breakdown en Vivo is a DVD / Movie. Bachata Breakdown is a CD. Breakdown en Vivo goes into much more detail about what each instrument is doing. The CD is good for putting on an practicing dancing too, but you should watch the DVD first to really understand what's going on in bachata - the different rhythmic sections, the different instruments, etc