In the late 1980s, as bachata’s popularity and notoriety simultaneously grew, a group of liberal middle class musicians began to take an interest in it. Sonia Silvestre, Victor Victor, Luis Dias and Juan Luis Guerra were the most prominent of this group, and they recorded songs in bolero time with varying degrees of similarity to bachata proper. Guerra, particularly, was phenomenally successful, and his record, Bachata rosa, was a hit in Europe, the United States and throughout Latin America.

Tecno-bachata has not made a voluminous contribution to the music’s repertoire, having been rather a short-lived experiment (although Guerra inspired some later tecno-bachateros like Felix D’Oleo). Most of the musicians who recorded tecno-bachata were not strictly or solely bachateros, and continued to record, as they always had, in a wide range of styles. The importance of tecno-bachata lies in the fact that mainstream society began to accept at least some bachata after the enormous success of Guerra’s music. The tecno-bachateros may have made some impact on the production values of bachata as well, although after Blas Durán introduced multi-track recording these had begun to improve steadily. Even the impact of these contributions on the genre may have been exaggerated at the time by the media, who after so long disparaging bachata now sought a reason for its newfound legitimacy. But bachata has always had a significant audience, and has probably long been the most popular style of music in the Dominican Republic. At the time that Guerra and Silvestre recorded their tecno-bachata, bachata’s popularity was already growing exponentially.

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julianna March 3, 2009

what everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Laraque Vilsaint February 16, 2009

Yo quero complar algunos discos El Oye' mi Suplica/No me Armargo/No cruse mi camino/

jorge February 13, 2009

bachata el mejor que toda clase de musica

jose f December 4, 2008

q viva la bachata......los mejores son;comensando con luis vargas,anthony santos,raulin aparte delos q la comensaron.....y despues bienen,joe veras,el chaval,y mas..Que Dios los bendiga a todos ....

ANDRES MONTOYA April 3, 2008


shorty April 1, 2008

i ReAlLy lOvE bAcHaTa! mY FaVoRiTe SoNg iS ToDo pOr tU AmOr bY x-TrEmE

dadas February 26, 2008

tecno bachta que es?d

Deborath December 13, 2007

Hola, me gustaria saber de el bachatero Augusto Santos que no lo veo ni lo escucho en nada.sus canciones me alegraron el corazon.

fairy margarita November 18, 2007

solo el que sove de la verdadera musica entra en esta pagina . k suerte la mia por encontra esta pagina

nico November 4, 2007

this is a fantastic site for information about this great dance...because i feel that to understand the dance more as in many things you have to go beyond the surface in order to appreciate...great. p.s do you have any information of how to compose bachata....take care