Bachata & Merengue Tipico Live in Queens

The information listed here is to help Dominican music lovers find quality live Dominican music in New York City. For now, we're listing bachata and merengue, which mainstream event listing services have long overlooked.

We recommend calling ahead to confirm schedule.

New Jersey

El Gran Rancho Jubilee
Music Style: Bachata, Latin, Reggaeton, Salsa & Son
Dominican club that plays lots of bachata. It opens around 9 PM, come early to dance because the floor gets packed starting around 10:30ish. The music is great but very loud so bring your earplugs. Hosts big names on occasion. Ladies free all night, Friday through Sunday. Next door is a nice Dominican cuisine restaurant with a live band that plays bachata & merengue on Saturday nights. Free cover with drinks or food. Highly recommended!
23-04 94th Street
(Near LaGuardia Airport)
Queens, NY -

United Dance Studios
Music Style: Bachata, Latin, Salsa & Son
Studio has bachata classes focused on partnerwork and Dominican style footwork. The studio recently began hosting bachata nights the 2nd Saturday of the month. Social party on Friday nights from 8-11 PM.
91-04 101st Avenue
(Ozone Park)
Queens, NY -

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Ramon September 2, 2015

saludos espero que todos se encuentren bien yo estaba chequeando y todo luce muy bien aunque en realidad yo estoy desenpleado y buscaba si es posible la oportunida de servil como dj ya que tengo Merengue, Bachata, Salsa y Perico ripiao solamente en mi pc. si alguien esta interesado o interesada porfavor se le agradesera y me puede mandar cualquier informacion al e-mail que aparese de bajo y muchas gracias se le agradesera su amabilida y que Dios les bendiga

Victor January 20, 2013

Me gustaria saber donde puedo escuchar musica de bolero en un buen restaurant