Los perros-"The Dogs"


Spanish version: 

Yo tenia una perra fina
Que cuidaba con esmero
Yo le puse Lunita
por lo blanco de su pelo
La perra se me murió
y me dejó nueve perros
Perritos que yo queria
y cuidaba con esmero
De los nueve que quedaron
uno se tragó un bizcocho
Entonces, me quedaban ocho
De los ocho que quedaron
uno se murió en un brete
Entonces, me quedaban siete
De los siete que quedaron
uno se lo llevó un buey
Entonces, me quedaban seis
De los seis que me quedaron
uno yo le di a Jacinto
Entonces, me quedaban cinco
De los cinco que me quedaron
uno se lo llevó un gato
Entonces, me quedaban cuatro
De los cuatro que quedaron
uno se lo llevó Andres
Entonces, me quedaban tres
De los tres que me quedaron
un perro se me murió
Entonces, me quedaban dos
De los dos que me quedaron
uno yo lo di a Changuno
Entonces, me quedaba uno
El perro que me quedó
se tragó una mata de berro
Entonces, me quedé sin perro
Que yo no tengo consuelo
Me quedé sin perro
Me quedé sin perro no tengo consuelo
mi vida me muero
Me quedé sin perro


English version: 

I had a beautiful dog
That I took great care of
I named her Little Moon
because of her white hair
The dog died,
and she left me nine puppies
Little puppies that I loved
and took special care of
Of the nine that were left
one swallowed a cake
Then I had eight left
Of the eight who were left
one died in a fight
Then I had seven left
Of the seven that were left
one got run over by an ox
Then I had six left
Of the six that were left
I gave one to Jacinto
Then I had five left
Of the five that were left
one got killed by a cat
Then I had four left
Of the four that were left
Andres took one
Then I had three left
Of the three that were left
one of them died on me
Then I had two left
Of the two that were left
I gave one to Changuno
Then I had one left
The puppy I had left
swallowed a watercress bush
Then, I was left without dogs
There’s no consolation for me
I was left without dogs
I was left without dogs, I have no consolation,
I’m dying
I was left without dogs



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