Andre Veloz


Andre is a powerful new feminine voice in bachata. A singer, songwriter, painter, and an actress, she is a complete artist. Andre was born in St. Croix and grew up in the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic. She now resides in New York City. As a child, she fell in love with bachata illicitly, catching snatches of the rhythm not considered appropriate for people of good upbringing – particularly young girls. In her earliest performance, she sang and danced on table tops of the pre-school she attended.

By age 14, Andre and her group “Los Horizontes Verticales” were performing on local TV in Santiago de los Caballeros. She went on to collaborate with some of the Dominican Republic’s most respected musicians, including Xiomara Fortuna, Sandy Grabriel, Patricia Pereyra, Felle Vega, and Rafael Mirabal.

Andre has experimented with a variety of styles including old school bolero, rock and jazz. Now, she brings all of those unusual influences to traditional cabaret bachata, the music closest to her heart. Andre expands on the machismo of bachata of bygone years with a female aesthetic that is both soulful, playful and provocative. She is collaborating in current projects with bachata guitarist Joan Soriano.


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